QR codes and Sales Maximization

QR codes can be utilized for sales maximization. The QR code can be described as a two dimensional kind of matrix code bar. QR is the abbreviation form of quick response and it is readable on a large percentage of smart phones. The QR code comprises of a series of black like modules that are arranged in a square pattern placed on a background that is white in color. It can consist of a lot of information and one can select the programs he or she would like to have. The information found on the QR codes is inclusive of text, phone numbers, web addresses, offers, coupons and other types of contact information. The scan results produced by the QR code act as a simplified kind of connection to the data programmed in the code.

QR codes form an integral part of multi media advertising methods. While using the QR codes, one can combine both online and offline advertising channels into one single channel. If the QR codes are used properly by the small businesses, it is possible to decrease on the amount of advertising waste and seepage while also adding on the number of inquiries made, leads and conversions.

One of the main components of any multi media advertising strategy should be inclusive of an SMS text message platform and an advertising builder, which can be used to create TV mobile advertisements, a Smartphone mobile website and the possibility of sending mobile advertisements to platforms such as the search engines, YouTube and the social media. When this is combined with the usual offline TV and radio channels, newspapers, billboards and magazines, a seamless kind of fusion of the brand message is strongly brought out.

Below is an example of how a typical marketing strategy would look like:

• The QR codes can be added on platforms such as the bill boards, magazines, business cards, buses or in any other visual or print media. It is worth mentioning that the QR codes can be utilized for varying campaigns and advertising channels mainly for tracking purposes. It is also possible to utilize the QR codes to target and track unique kind of environments, specific locations and markets.
• Inclusive in the QR code is a call to action. The incentive offered on the coupon should be attractive to entice the reader. The main goal is to come up with a database of prospective clients.
• The effect of adding a long code keyword or SMS short code on the radio advertisements is that the number of response rates will increase substantially. This is because any person who texts will receive a call to action as well as having a visual experience of the advertisement on his or her cell phone.
• The QR code can also be added to a Free Google local listing. Most importantly, you should make sure that your Google listing is adequately claimed and optimized. Probably, you could be getting many leads from this site just by default. Notably, this trend is short lived since other businesses will start claiming their local listings.
• Finally, you should ensure that the local places page is combined with the website as this will improve your ranking.

The advantages of using the QR codes

• The combination of digital and offline advertising strategies provides both visual and print validation of the message with the increased potential of having higher response rates.
• It is possible to send out periodical kind of offers to the clients on your SMS database. SMS reminders, appointments and coupons can also be sent out to the existing clients.
• By using the QR codes, it becomes easier to engage the smart phone users. The utilization of SMS text messaging will send out messages to those without smart phones.
• When reading the information on the smart phone using a QR reader, the embedded urls tend to create a short cut, which makes it easy for people to view the content that you would like them to see since navigation has been made easy.
• A call to action that is sent out to a cell phone is faster way of advertising as compared to other channels. It becomes easier to get a quick response on how the ad campaign is performing. This makes it possible to make faster adjustments.

Through the integration of the QR codes and the text messages marketing strategy with the print ads, a wider market is reached. This strategy tests the effectiveness of print marketing.