SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an effective strategy for service businesses to connect with their clients with the aim of improving sales. Service based businesses require a high level of personal connection. SMS marketing is a great method of connecting with clients and ensuring that they still come back for more service.

There is a good number of text messaging marketing campaigns businesses that one can use. However, below are four of the most effective ones.

SMS alerts

Through the SMS alerts, the business is able to contact their clients through text message alerts. These alerts assist the clients to stay informed about the company products or services, news, sales and virtually any other information that the company would want to share with its clients. For instance, you can send an SMS reminding them when they should book their next appointment or when they should expect a discount offer.

Text to screen

You can make the company service more interactive by using text to screen. As the clients are engaging with your service, you can create additional attraction by encourage them to text their opinions, recommendations and suggestions. This approach is particularly effective when trying to analyze and understand the behavior of your consumers. This is an interactive and exciting method in which clients are able to participate.

Text to win

The text to win campaign is also very exciting. The clients are encouraged to text a keyword or phrase to the SMS short code of the campaign in order to win something. The prize should be enticing enough to encourage enough participation from the clients.

Mobile Coupons

Utilize the mobile coupons with the aim of retaining your clients. You can offer them a discount of twenty percent the next time they use your service or buy a product from your company. This will keep the clients happy and definitely increase sales. One major advantage of the mobile coupons is that they are very simple to set up and quick to send out. They work instantly and are very effective when sales are slow. By simply sending out the mobile coupons, clients will begin lining up for your service.

Text message form of marketing is an effective promotional tool for service business. The beauty about this form of marketing is that its set up is simple and it can be implemented very fast at low costs. There are very many different kinds of campaign types to select from. Those in the service industry can greatly benefit from this form of marketing.